Offspring: The Woman

Woman, The (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Pollyanna McIntosh, Sean Bridgers, Angela Bettis, Lauren Ashley Carter, Zach Rand Directed by Lucky McKee

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The good people behind The Woman have a contest for you, and all you have to do is cruise around the Internet. Hell, you were going to do that anyway, right? To mark the release of the flick on DVD/Blu-ray/ VOD/iTunes TODAY (January 24th), you're officially invited to take part in a viral scavenger hunt!

Exclusive Interview and New Clip: The Woman Speaks! Dread Central Chats with Actress Pollyanna McIntosh

After first bringing the titular character to life in Andrew van den Houten's 2009 flick Offspring, Scottish actress Pollyanna McIntosh is back in co-writer/director Lucky McKee's hugely controversial sequel The Woman, which features the actress returning to square off against a demented family who capture her animalistic character in an effort to domesticate her.

Exclusive Interview: Lucky McKee Talks The Woman

On Tuesday, January 24th, co-writer/director Lucky McKee's controversial deconstruction of the ideal American family, The Woman, will be released everywhere on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD platforms courtesy of Bloody Disgusting Selects. Dread Central recently caught up with McKee for an exclusive interview to discuss his latest directorial efforts, balancing shock versus substance and more. The filmmaker also answers his critics over the outrage many felt by the story he and co-writer Jack Ketchum crafted for The Woman.

A Voyeuristic Exclusive Clip From The Woman

To get you geared up for the home video release of Lucky McKee's controversial new film The Woman, we've nailed down an exclusive clip for you cats. Dig it!

The Woman Brings Her Reign of Terror to Blu-ray in January!

Thank the home video gods! The ever-so-controversial new film from Lucky McKee, The Woman, is not only coming home to DVD early next year, but it's doing so on Blu-ray high definition as well! We just quiver at the thought of seeing that flick's depravity in glorious 1080p!

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With Lucky McKee’s The Woman brutalising its way into homes across the UK on October 17th, we’ve got just what you need whether you caught it in theatres or not: free copies on Blu-ray! That’s not to mention another extra special, and very limited, little treat for one lucky winner. Read on...

A New Clip from Lucky McKee's The Woman

We're just a day away from The Woman's limited theatrical release courtesy of Bloody Disgusting Selects so they've sent us a new clip to make sure all our readers are keeping the film in the forefront of their minds and will seek it out this weekend. Dig it!

Exclusive Coverage and Stills from the Los Angeles Premiere of The Woman

With director Lucky McKee’s The Woman bowing in limited theatrical release via Bloody Disgusting Selects on Friday, October 14th, Dread hit its LA premiere last Thursday, October 6th, at Laemmle Sunset 5 in Hollywood, CA, and chatted with the film’s director on the red carpet along with stars Pollyanna McIntosh, Sean Bridgers, Zach Rand and Carlee Baker. We also brought back some ocular candy. Read on!

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Still have that old reliable turntable handy but not a lot of things to play on it? How does winning the soundtrack to Lucky McKee's controversial horror film The Woman on vinyl sound? We know the record itself sounds dark and powerful -- the perfect background to all your upcoming Halloween festivities!

Exclusive New Clip from The Woman is Hot for Teacher

We've all had to endure the torment of a parent/teacher conference or two in our lifetimes, and the one that takes place in Lucky McKee's The Woman is either every adolescent's wildest dream or worst nightmare. Check it out!

OFFER CLOSED! Jack Ketchum and Lucky McKee Want To Give You a Piece of The Woman

Few movies are able to create the firestorm that The Woman has, before even being released at the theater. A brutal story that has drawn both praise and scorn, there is one thing that can't be denied: The Woman has already left a huge mark on the history of our genre.

Official Image Gallery for The Woman Opens Up and Says AHHHHHH!

The Woman is controversial, feral, and dangerous. Yep, that's everything we like about our babes. Trust us; you haven't lived until you've been with a chick who's just as likely to gut you as she is to fu... oh, never mind. More images. Now. Dig 'em!

UK Exclusive: Feast Your Eyes on a New Clip from Lucky McKee’s The Woman

Celebrating its UK theatrical release today, September 30th, Lucky McKee’s already-controversial The Woman is guaranteed to get all sorts of boats a-rockin’. To mark the occasion, we have an exclusive look at a new UK clip for you! Come see!

Hungry for a New Still From The Woman?

A new still has hit our desks for Lucky McKee's highly controversial new film, The Woman, and it's too splattery good not to share. Get ready to dig on some extreme eye candy and wipe your mouth once you're done!