Off Season

Off Season to Make its East Coast Debut

In addition to independent cinema, short films are where lots of the good horror can be found these days. One such example is the ten-minute Off Season, an atmospheric little shocker that has been garnering some attention on the festival circuit. And SW Florida residents are going to have the opportunity to catch it real soon!

Exclusive: Offspring Before Off Season Confirmed!

When we last reported that Andrew van den Houten, producer of The Girl Next Door and director of Headspace, was set to start filming Jack Ketchum's Offspring

Off Season, The (DVD)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Christina Campenella, Don Wood, Angus Scrimm, Francine Pado, Larry Fessenden Directed by James Felix McKeeney Warning: Minor spoilers within…

Ketchum, Jack (The Girl Next Door, etc)

I first heard Jack Ketchum's name mentioned through the grapevine in the late nineties. Veteran horror readers were speaking in hushed tones about a little book called The Girl Next Door, describing it as "the most disturbing novel ever written." I scoured the Internet and every used bookstor