Ofer Shechter

Film4 FrightFest 2011: New Image From Rabies

That's right, kids! Settle in. We've got tons of Film4 FrightFest coverage coming at you, and it starts right here, right now with a brand new image from the Israeli slasher film Rabies aka Kalevet.

Get Infected by Rabies One-Sheet

A new one-sheet for Image Entertainment's recently acquired Israeli slasher flick, Rabies aka Kalevet, has hit online and we have it for you right here - free of all that nasty foaming at the mouth stuff.

Image Entertainment Contracts Deadly Strain of Israeli Rabies

Fresh off of its successful run at Tribeca, the Israeli slasher flick Kalevet (aka Rabies) has found itself some distribution at Cannes! Read on for the details, and when you're done, be sure to go and get a rabies shot. Yeah it hurts, but you don't want this kind of thing to spread!

Tribeca 2011: Watch Rabies Online via the Festival Screening Room

Can’t make it to the Tribeca Film Festival? Don't despair. Just like last year, Tribeca 2011 will have an online component, allowing you to watch some of the films from this year's fest in the comfort of your own home. The only catch? Just one of them is a horror film: Rabies (aka Kalevet) directed by Navot Papushado and Aharon Keshales.

Tribeca 2011: Are You Ready to Get Infected with Israeli Rabies?

One film making its North American debut at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival that we're extremely intrigued by is the Israeli slasher Kalevet (aka Rabies) from co-directors Navot Papushado and Aharon Keshales. Synopsis:

Israel Starts Slashing with Rabies

Israel is officially tossing its hat into the slasher sub-genre arena with the new flick Rabies (would totally have been funnier if they called it Rabbis), and we've got the first look at the movie for ya right here!