Odette Yustman

More Unborn Wickedness Online

This morning we showed you guys a viral video for The Unborn, but what we failed to mention was that you, too, can freak out your friends with a dire warning from a possessed girl!

Viral Unborn Video

Sorry to ruin all the fun, but there's no use pretending this isn't a viral video to promote the upcoming release of David Goyer's The Unborn; you guys are way too smart for that, right? And since it references me specifically at one point, there's no way you'd think it was real...

New Unborn Site, Stills

Maybe it’s just me, but the more I see from David Goyer’s upcoming horror entry The Unborn, the more cheesy it seems. Example; did you know the unborn baby who is trying to break into our world is named Jumby? What the hell is that?

Unborn Prequel, International Poster

There are ways to market a horror film that can make it look like something truly horrifying, even if the actual product is not. There are also ways to market a horror film that make it look ridiculous, which in the case of David Goyer’s The Unborn, we’ve heard is sadly a fact.

First Unborn Clip Surfaces

There’s a brand new clip from David Goyer’s The Unborn online now, and all you have to do to check it out is scroll down a bit. See how much easier we make your life? We try to keep evil close at hand at all times.