Our Oblivion Verdict Is In! Read the Review!

While there are no new straight horror flicks arriving in theatres this weekend, we do have a genre-ish film starring Tom Cruise called Oblivion. So we did what we do... watched it and then brought back a verdict for you.

Oblivion (2013)

Starring Tom Cruise, Andrea Riseborough, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko Directed by Joseph Kosinski

Several Clips Take You Through Damnation Alley!

Excited for Shout! Factory's July release of the weirdness that is Damnation Alley on Blu-ray and DVD? Did you pre-order your copy and get your limited edition lithograph? How about a few clips to offer you incentive? From the Press Release

Shout! Factory Takes Us on a Ride Through Damnation Alley to Oblivion

For the past couple of years the good folks over at Shout! Factory have been giving some of the genre's most obscure titles really stellar treatments that serve to blow the mind. The trend continues with their latest two releases slated for July, Damnation Alley and Oblivion! From the Press Release

Joseph Kosinski Taking Us to Oblivion

Joseph Kosinski, director of the Tron Legacy, is all set to take us to a whole other realm of existence known as Oblivion. Don't be expecting any glowing suits or light-cycles though ... this world is darker. A whole lot darker.