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A Sneak Peek of the Graphic Novel Adaptation of Shakespeare vs. Lovecraft

A graphic novel adaptation is on its way for D.R. O'Brien's horror-comedy mash-up Shakespeare vs. Lovecraft, and we have a few preview panels provided by the author that reveal Juliet is not the girl she used to be! Check 'em out!

A Trailer Arrives for Shakespeare vs. Lovecraft

A few weeks ago we got word about author D.R. O'Brien's new horror-comedy mash-up Shakespeare vs. Lovecraft, and now a trailer for the novella has arrived.

New Horror-Comedy Mash-Up Novella Shakespeare vs. Lovecraft Now Available

Author D.R. O'Brien dropped us a line to let us know his new horror-comedy mash-up novella Shakespeare vs. Lovecraft is now available for all you avid e-readers out there. Shakespeare's characters duking it out with Lovecraft's creatures? Sign us up immediately!