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New Artwork for Spiders 3D Gets Caught on the Web

We've been talking about Tibor Takacs' new flick Spiders 3D for a long time now but it sadly slipped off of our radar. Thankfully it's back on it or we wouldn't have this badass new one-sheet for you!

Millennium Organizes an Expedition to Look for Jungle Vampires

Vampires in the jungle? Sold! Yep, we don't need to hear much more than that to get our ghosts, but just in case you're wondering just what the hell we're talking about ...

Exclusive: Christa Campbell Talks Spiders 3D

Last week we brought you up-to-speed on Spiders 3D, a new giant spider flick from the director of The Gate. I contacted the film’s star, Christa Campbell, for a few quick words about her role as a giant spider fighter.

Giant 3D Spiders to be Unleashed on New York City! Exclusive Casting News!

Every arachnophobe's worst nightmare is headed to the big screen with Spiders 3D. As New York City is poised to fall into their enormous three-dimensional web, only a milk maiden, a Power Ranger, and a Starship Trooper can save the Big Apple from experiencing an eight-legged apocalypse.

AFM 2010: Name Change and New Artwork - Spiders 3D

Day Two of our throng of AFM coverage begins with a slight adjustment regarding the latest giant arachnid run amok flick, Spiders 3D. Apparently this eight-legged freak won't be going solo! That's right, kids. Directed by Tibor Takacs, the movie formerly known as Spider 3D is now Spiders 3D. Plural. Dig on the updated artwork below.

What has Eight Legs and Three Dimensions? Spider 3D!

Nu Image is certainly no stranger to giant spiders, having produced the fun 2000 nature gone amok flick Spiders and its much less fun sequel.

Summit Entertainment Set to Drive Angry

Good news for those of us excited to see Nicolas Cage and Nicolas Cage's hair in Patrick Lussier's 3D revenge film Drive Angry ... the flick has gotten itself some distro! We LOVE when that happens!

Tiny Teaser Art for Drive Angry

Over on the official Nu Image website the first bit of teaser art for Patrick Lussier's Nicolas Cage flick, Drive Angry, has surfaced, and even though it's kind of tiny, it's still pretty badass.

Nic Cage Will Drive Angry for Patrick Lussier

With the box office success of The Final Destination this weekend, we expected to hear about upcoming 3D projects over the next several days and weeks, but nothing prepared us for the prospect of Nicolas Cage and his hair being involved in one of them. However, seeing the names Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer attached to the same film does engender a bit more confidence in it.

Sharks in Venice (2008)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Stephen Baldwin, Vanessa Johansson, Hilda Van Der Muelen, Giacomo Gonnella, Ivailo Geraskov, Atanas Shebrev Directed by Danny Lerner

Exclusive: Brett Ratner Considering Conan?

While this may not be horror in the strictest sense, sometimes some news comes along that just makes your stomach turn and you have to get it out there.

Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy (2005)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Jeffrey Combs, William Forsythe, Hunter Tylo Directed by Michael Oblowitz