Norman Reedus

The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon Potentially Not as Straight as His Arrows, Says Robert Kirkman

There's no denying that Daryl Dixon is the most badass character on "The Walking Dead," and we've learned a lot about him over the years. But one area the show hasn't really delved much into is Dixon's sexuality...

Gamescom: Sony Blows Your Mind with Silent Hills; Norman Reedus Stars; Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima Partner!

Sony just pulled one of the greatest sleight of hand tricks in the history of gaming. Those who were lucky enough to complete the blindingly tricky P.T. demo soon found a massive surprise.

#SDCC14: Skybound Debuts an Atmospheric Teaser for AIR; More Details from the Panel

With practically no dialogue, the teaser trailer for Skybound Entertainment's AIR debuted at SDCC this weekend, and we have it for you right here along with a few highlights from the panel.

#SDCC14: Everything You Need to Know About The Walking Dead Panel Including the Season 5 Trailer

We're reporting live on the floor from AMC's "The Walking Dead" panel, and we've got some goodies to pass along, from the direction of the upcoming season to the impending Blu-ray release of Season 4.

Get Another Look at Norman Reedus in AIR

Right now Entertainment Weekly is scoring all the goods from the upcoming AIR, produced by Robert Kirkman and starring Norman Reedus; and today those goods include another photo of Reedus from the film. How about spreading it around a little, guys?

#SDCC14: First Poster for Robert Kirkman's AIR

Just in time for the dreaded by journalists event of the year, the San Diego Comic-Con, we have a brand new one-sheet for AIR, which is coming to us from producer Robert Kirkman and stars Norman Reedus of Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" TV series.

First Still from and More Details on AIR (Formerly Wake Cycle)

It was back in October of 2011 when we first got word that Christian Cantamessa would be directing a post-apocalyptic project called Wake Cycle, and now that some time has passed, the film has a new name (AIR), an impressive cast, and a few very familiar names on its production team.

Zombie-centric Walker Stalker Con Heading to Boston in June with Several Walking Dead Stars

The traveling Walker Stalker Con has met with success in Atlanta and Chicago thus far, and next on its radar is Beantown, where zombie fans will be able to find stars from "The Walking Dead," Night of the Living Dead, and more!

Go Inside The Walking Dead Season Finale Episode 4.16 - A; Cast & Crew Speculate on Season 5

"The Walking Dead" left us with a real cliffhanger tonight, and if you're curious about where things are headed now that Rick has accepted a darker side of himself and most of our survivors have reunited, check out this video of the cast and crew speculating on what's ahead in Season 5.

Daryl Finally Gets His Own The Walking Dead #Terminus Poster; Join Tonight's Twitter Takeover

A few days ago we wondered when Daryl Dixon would be gracing one of the #Terminus posters for AMC's Arrive/Survive promo campaign, and obviously the network decided to save the best for last because with just hours to go until the Season 4 finale, Episode 4.16, "A", here he is!

Another Clip and the First Images from The Walking Dead Episode 4.12 - Still

In next week's Episode 4.12 of "The Walking Dead," entitled "Still," we return to Daryl and Beth's storyline, at least for a portion of the ep, as evidenced by this second clip and pair of photos focusing on the dynamic duo portrayed by Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney.

Norman Reedus Will Breathe Robert Kirkman's Air

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is set to make the leap from the small screen to the big one, and he's bringing one of the show's biggest stars along with him. Read on!

See a Bit of New Footage in this Promo for The Walking Dead Episode 4.10 - Inmates

Another preview of "The Walking Dead" Episode 4.10, entitled "Inmates," has popped up on YouTube via the Fox LA affiliate, and since it shows off a bit of additional footage from the ep, we thought we'd share.

First Pair of Images and Another Clip from The Walking Dead Episode 4.10 - Inmates

After spending last night exclusively with Rick, Carl, and Michonne, in next week's Episode 4.10 of "The Walking Dead," entitled "Inmates," it's time to see what's up with some of the other survivors. As these new photos reveal, the ep will include updates on Maggie and Daryl.

More Info on the Norman Reedus Twitter Q&A for The Walking Dead's Mid-Season Return

We mentioned several days ago that Norman Reedus (Daryl) will be holding a Twitter Q&A leading up to this Sunday's return of "The Walking Dead" to AMC, and today we have a few more details.