Noomi Rapace

Promethesus Trailer. Watch It. Now.

The wait is over. No more fuzzy, out-of-focus bootlegs. No more speculation. No more teasers. Sit back, crank up your sound, and get ready to obsess over every single frame of the new trailer for Ridley Scott's Prometheus.

Third and Final Prometheus Trailer Preview

Alrighty, kids! We're one day away from the official premiere of the Prometheus trailer, and to get you further primed for the goods, we have the third and final teaser for ya!

Inquisitive New Prometheus Still

While we all wait patiently for the official trailer for Ridley Scott's Prometheus to be released, a new still featuring star Michael Fassbender has popped up online to tide us over. Check it out!

See the Prometheus Trailer Now

Attached to the front of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is the trailer for Ridley Scott's Prometheus. Of course it's been bootlegged and uploaded by someone with a camera. Watch it now if you want, but we'd suggest waiting until the official release in a couple of days.

Second Prometheus Trailer Preview is Here! Yes, Already!

Well then! Let's just chalk this one up to someone screwing up and you benefiting from it as a result. Just hours ago the first preview for the preview of Prometheus hit online stating that an official trailer was coming in three days. Now a preview of the trailer that was meant for tomorrow has slipped online, and of course we nabbed it for you.

Prometheus Trailer Preview is Here!

We are three days away from the trailer debut of Ridley Scott's could be a prequel Prometheus, and Fox has released a preview of the preview. Pay special attention to its end, kids. Looks to us like someone's been splashed with acid blood. Food for thought!

Ridley Scott Offers More on Prometheus

Ready for a bit more on Ridley Scott's could be a prequel Prometheus? Good! The director recently waxed on about Space Jockeys, H.R. Giger, and Xenomorphs (oh my!); and we have the highlights for you here!

First Teaser Poster for Ridley Scott's Prometheus

Now this is how we like to celebrate Hump Day here at Dread Central! On tap for you today we have what looks to be the first official teaser poster for Ridley Scott's Prometheus.

Noomi Rapace Sheds Some Light on her Prometheus Character

Over the past several weeks we've heard from Michael Fassbender and Ridley Scott regarding Prometheus, and now that she's out making the PR rounds for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, it's time for co-star Noomi Rapace to weigh in with a few comments.

Prometheus Image Gallery Now Open

Remember those fine looking stills that debuted last week from Ridley Scott's could be an Alien prequel Prometheus? To say that they were drool-worthy is an understatement, and now we have the hi-res shots right here for you to continue to salivate over!

Fox CEO Tom Rothman: Prometheus is 95 Percent Original and 5 Percent Alien Prequel

The latest in the long line of people associated with Ridley Scott's upcoming film Prometheus has chimed in on whether or not the flick is actually a prequel to Alien. Why this is so difficult to just straight up clarify is anyone's guess, but in any event ... read on.

See the Entire Prometheus Leaked Trailer NOW

Hurry up, kids! If you wanna see this puppy, you better get cracking because we're sure this won't last online for very long. Some enterprising young lad bootlegged the entire trailer for Prometheus, and we have to say that even in this poorly shot form it looks nothing short of incredible.

Familiar Creatures in Latest Prometheus Headlines

And the great debate continues pertaining to Prometheus. Is it a prequel to Alien? Is it something else entirely? Let's play along, shall we? Come on, kids! The carousel is ready and spinning!

Give Thanks for Some Wicked New and Official Prometheus Stills

Thank god for Thanksgiving! Because of the holiday weekend the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly came out a little early. It has some really badass new stills from Ridley Scott's Prometheus within its pages so we got to scanning ASAP for ya! Dig it!

See a Bit of the Prometheus Trailer!

Hurry up, kids! Now's your time to make a mad dash across the interwebs if you wanna check out a few seconds of the Prometheus trailer, which we're sure will most likely be in the process of getting yanked before you even finish reading this sentence.