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A Clip from The Vampire Diaries Episode 15 - The Dinner Party

It looks like this week's episode of "The Vampire Diaries", entitled "The Dinner Party", finally gives Alaric (Matt Davis, one of our favorite actors on the show) a bit more to do as he's been mostly standing on the sidelines for the past several weeks. Check out this new clip released by The CW to see if we're right.

Two Previews for The Vampire Diaries Episode 15 - The Dinner Party

Fans of The CW's "The Vampire Diaries" are probably still digesting all the events that transpired in last night's episode, but that's not stopping the network from looking ahead to next week and Episode 15, "The Dinner Party", which airs on February 17th. Here are a preview and an extended preview for the ep.

Close to a Dozen Stills from The Vampire Diaries Episode 15 - The Dinner Party

Earlier today we did a story on "The Vampire Diaries" that provided a preview of next week's Episode 14 and the newly released synopsis for Episode 16. Not to be left out, we now offer close to a dozen stills from Episode 15, "The Dinner Party", which airs on February 17th.

The Vampire Diaries: Ep. 14, Crying Wolf, Preview and Ep. 16, The House Guest, Summary

Those of us who watched last night's episode of "The Vampire Diaries" know that a big game changer is heading our way, leading up to the February 24th episode, "The House Guest", which promises to be a night full of confessions. But first is next week's ep, "Crying Wolf", which The CW has graciously provided a preview of.

Synopsis for The Vampire Diaries Episode 15, The Dinner Party; Ratings Results for TVD's 1/27/11 Return

We've been hearing pretty much from the beginning of "The Vampire Diaries" that Stefan used to have a much darker side, and it seems that in Episode 15, "The Dinner Party", both the viewers and Elena are going to learn more. But before we get to the synopsis, how about a peek at last night's ratings for the show's midseason return?

The Vampire Diaries: Preview of Episode 13, Daddy Issues

As those who watched last night's "The Vampire Diaries" are well aware, things are changing in Mystic Falls, and if showrunner Kevin Williamson's comment that "we end a chapter in the next three episodes" is any indication, we ain't seen nothing yet. Maybe this preview of Ep. 13, "Daddy Issues", will provide a hint of things to come.

The Vampire Diaires Wants You to 'Catch VD'; Asks If You've 'Got Wood?'

Oh, what scamps they have at The CW! As part of the network's promotional efforts for the return tomorrow night of its popular series "The Vampire Diaries", they're amping up the double entendres with two ad campaigns, one urging viewers to "Catch VD" and the other asking "Got Wood"?

The Vampire Diaries Midseason Preview Video

Excited about "The Vampire Diaries" returning to the airwaves this Thursday and curious about what the second half of the season holds? Then you'll want to check out this new video from The CW of Candice Accola sharing an exclusive preview of what's to come!

Synopsis for The Vampire Diaries Episode 14 - Crying Wolf; More TVD Convention Guests Confirmed

We're still a few days away from the return of The CW's "The Vampire Diaries" from his winter hiatus, but that's not stopping the network from teasing the fans with what they can expect from upcoming episodes. Case in point: Episode 14, "Crying Wolf", which promises even more secrets and lies (as if there haven't been enough already this season!).

New Stills from The Vampire Diaries Episode 13 - Daddy Issues

A short while ago The CW provided us with the synopsis for the February 3rd episode of "The Vampire Diaries", entitled "Daddy Issues", and today comes a fresh batch of stills from the ep. The only bummer? Not a single one of them includes the "Daddy" in question.

Synopsis for The Vampire Diaries Episode 13 - Daddy Issues

Good news for fans of The CW's "The Vampire Diaries" - David Anders, aka Johnathan Gilbert, is returning for Season Two's lucky 13th episode, entitled "Daddy Issues". Even better? The ep was written by executive producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec!

Image Gallery from The Vampire Diaries Episode 12, The Descent

We're not sure who's descending into what in the upcoming Episode 12 of "The Vampire Diaries", entitled "The Descent", but with a description that includes doom and gloom, we're pretty certain that it's not good. Thanks to The CW we have a big batch of photos that might shed some light on things.

The Vampire Diaries Returns January 27th with Episode 12, The Descent

When The CW's "The Vampire Diaries" left the air for its holiday hiatus, we'd just seen Tyler go through his first transformation and an ages old vamp was bitten by another lycan. Who will survive these changes, and at what cost? Episode 12, "The Descent", will hopefully shed some light on these questions.

The Vampire Diaries - Previews of Episode 12, The Descent; Williamson & Plec Talk Fan Reactions

Now that fans of The CW's "The Vampire Diaries" have gone through their first full-blown werewolf transformation along with seeing an ages old vamp bitten by a lycan, they have a lot to look forward to when the series returns on January 27th.

Go Behind-the-Scenes of The Vampire Diaires Episode 11 - By the Light of the Moon

Tonight marks the fall finale midpoint for The CW's "The Vampire Diaries", but even more important than that, it's also the night we'll see Tyler make his first transformation. To help pass the time between now and 8:00 pm, how about checking out a few behind-the-scenes stills from Episode 11, "By the Light of the Moon"?