Nightmare Man

Meet the Minds Behind The Gravedancers and Nightmare Man

Two films from the first two runs of the 8 Films to Die For festival are being combined into a single double-feature DVD, and to celebrate this re-release, some of the talent involved are getting together for a signing party. Cast and crew of The Gravedancers and Nightmare Man will be meeting up at Spudic's Movie Empire in Van Nuys on Sunday, April 5th, from 1-3 pm, to mix and mingle with attending fans of horror.

Nightmare Man & The Mist Signings

There's no doubt one of the standout films of last year's After Dark Horrorfest (DVD Box set review here) was Rolfe Kanefsky's entry Nightmare Man.

After Dark Horrorfest Coverage

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Nightmare Man (2006)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Blythe Metz, Tiffany Shepis, Jack Sway, Hanna Putnam, James Ferris, Luciano Szafir, Aaron Sherry, Richard Moll Written and Directed by Rolfe Kanesfsky