Night Terrors

In the Dark Adds Playboy Model Gwendolyn Sweet to the Cast

Formerly known as Night Terrors with segments featured right here on Dread Central, the anthology film In the Dark has announced a beautiful addition to the cast of its next installment: Playboy Mansion House Bunny Gwendolyn Sweet. Yowza!

Night Terrors Becomes Anthology Feature Film In The Dark

Here at Dread Central we were lucky enough to host the first two episodes of the anthology series Night Terrors. However, the collection got a little bigger and is growing into the anthology feature film, In The Dark.

Night Terrors Returns With a Diabolical Dummy in Tow

Night Terrors, the web series which was banned on several other sites for its usage of ... well ... everything naughty, is back with a second episode, and we have it for you right here, completely uncut. Dig it!

Night Terrors Finds a Home at Dread Central After Being Banned Elsewhere

I love this story! Chris St. Croix and David Buchert are the co-creators of a new web series entitled Night Terrors. They've had the first episode, "The Keeper", taken down from several sites around the internet for containing "objectionable content". Well, the boys contacted Dread Central with their conundrum, and (being the fans of objectionable content that we are) we said, "Boys, you've got a home."

Night Terrors Will Have You Wetting the Bed

Bikers, babes, blood and a guy wearing one of the most disturbing Charlie McCarthy masks you'll ever see. All of this and much more will be waiting for you with the new anthology series Night Terrors.

Knetter Stalks New Anthology

We just got a heads up from our favorite author of disgusting vulgarity (not to mention poetry), Joe Knetter, about yet another film project he’s managed to find his way into. How does he do it?