Night of the Comet

First Films Announced for the 8th Annual B-Movie Celebration

The 8th annual B-Movie Celebration is traveling at us faster than a speeding monkey on a rocketship destined for the vast landscape of Mars, and we have the first details on what films and more will be waiting for you should you be one of the lucky ones to attend!

Night of the Comet (Blu-ray)

Starring Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelli Maroney, Robert Beltran, Sharon Farrell, Mary Woronov, Geoffrey

B-Sides: Celebratin’ Night of the Comet

As the world prepares to celebrate Shout Factory’s release of Night of the Comet on Blu-ray, now seems as good a time as any to celebrate one of the great b-movies of the Eighties by dipping into its soundtrack for a B-Sides.

Special Features Announced for Scream Factory's Night of the Comet Blu-ray!

If you're a fan of horror on home video, then you're by now not only aware of but also completely in love with Scream Factory, the genre branch of Shout Factory.

Scream Factory Art Explosion - Assault on Precinct 13, Eve of Destruction, Body Bags, Night of the Comet, The Horror Show, and More!

Holy. Shit. On tap right now, kids, is a boatload of artwork from some upcoming Scream Factory DVDs and Blu-rays that left us having one nerdgasm after the other.

The Scream Factory Outdoes Itself with the Announcement of Six HUGE Horror Titles Coming to Blu-ray in 2013

The Fog! The Howling! The Burning! Day of the Dead! Night of the Comet! Lifeforce! Coming to Blu-ray in 2013! Thank you, Scream Factory!

CONTEST CLOSED! Snag Yourself Free Tix To Sci-Fi Spectacular in Chicago, April 28

In our unending quest to land free stuff for every single reader of Dread Central, we bring something special for those of you in the Dread Central Chicago Chapter. Read on for info on winning a pair of tix to Sci-Fi Spectacular, a 14-hour sci-fi/horror movie marathon!