Nicole Vicius

You Will Hear the Sound of My Voice in October

Fox has announced the DVD and Blu-ray details for its latest psycho thriller, Sound of My Voice, and we have all the details right here to help you decide if you want to listen to the call or just ignore it! Read on!

Hear That? It's the Image Gallery for Sound of My Voice!

Step right up, kids, as we have nearly two dozen new images for you from the upcoming flick, Sound of My Voice! Settle in and get to clickin'. These pics aren't going to see themselves, ya know!

New Clip From Sound of My Voice is in Over its Head

Last week we brought you the first twelve minutes of Sound of My Voice, and if that wasn't enough, a brand new clip has just popped up online. As always we have it for you here, hot and fresh! Dig it!

Watch the First 12 Minutes of Sound of My Voice

Here at Dread Central we get a lot of mysterious things in the mail and then have to figure out what they relate to. Case in point: the arrival today of a flyer asking if we're prepared for our future and whether we belong with Maggie. Read on for what we found out and to see the first 12 minutes of a new film.

A Trailer and Artwork For an Exquisite Corpse

Scott David Russell's latest film, Exquisite Corpse, starring Steve Sandvoss, Nicole Vicius, Guillermo Diaz, Tessa Thompson, and Larry Cedar, will be playing later this month at the EFM, and we've got a look at the trailer and some early artwork for you.