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Promo for Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.09 Offers Sanctuary

"Sleepy Hollow" has returned strong from its brief hiatus during the World Series with great episodes both last week and last night. Will next week's Episode 1.09, "Sanctuary," give us a triple? Check out this preview for a few clues of what happens when sleeping evils are awoken.

Find Sanctuary with These New Stills from Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.09

We already know the "Sleepy Hollow" Season 1 finale airs January 20th, but before we suffer through the show's upcoming holiday hiatus, we get to enjoy some "Sanctuary" in Episode 1.09. Check out close to a dozen stills from the ep here, and look for the preview and clips soon.

Learn More About Sleepy Hollow's Freemasons in this Newly Discovered 'Corbin File'

Clancy Brown's Sheriff Corbin may be gone from "Sleepy Hollow," but he's certainly not forgotten, and this newly unearthed audio from August Corbin's case files examines the dark secrets of "The Masons."

Spend Some More Time with Headless in these Four Clips from Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.08 - Necromancer

We have to give kudos to the team behind Fox's "Sleepy Hollow" for creating such a believable - and badass - Headless Horseman. If you can't get enough of him either, get comfortable and spend some time watching these four clips from Episode 1.08, "Necromancer."

Headless' Interrogation Gets Weird in this Sneak Peek of Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.08 - Necromancer

As we learn in this sneak peek of Episode 1.08, in the world of "Sleepy Hollow" a "Necromancer" is someone who speaks for the dead, in this case the Headless Horseman. Just watch... it'll make sense, we promise!

Look for Clues in this Image Gallery for Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.08 - Necromancer

Next week's Episode 1.08 of "Sleepy Hollow," entitled "Necromancer," is full of flashbacks with Ichabod discovering some game-changing information. Check out our image gallery from the ep for clues.

Travel Into Darkness with this Preview of Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.08 - Necromancer

"Sleepy Hollow" Episode 1.08 underwent a name revision from "Into Darkness" to "Necromancer," but that's all that's changed. The fight against evil continues, and Death has his own tale to tell. Check out a preview.

Uncover the Truth about Paul Revere and See Four New Clips from Sleepy Hollow Ep. 1.07 - The Midnight Ride

There's no question this year's breakout hit is "Sleepy Hollow," due in no small part to its cheeky and brazen revisionist history. Like what you'll see in this "American History: Uncovered" look at the shocking truth behind Paul Revere's infamous "Midnight Ride."

Get a Sneak Peek of Sleepy Hollow Ep. 1.07 - The Midnight Ride; Go Behind the Scenes of Ep. 1.06 - The Sin Eater

The headless horseman returns to "Sleepy Hollow" in Ep. 1.07, "The Midnight Ride," determined to get his head back and bring about Armageddon. Here's a sneak peek along with a behind-the-scenes look at Ep. 1.06, "The Sin Eater."

Over a Dozen Stills from Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.07 - The Midnight Ride

We have a quick follow-up to our story last night providing you with a preview of "Sleepy Hollow" Episode 1.07, "The Midnight Ride," in the form of an overflowing image gallery. In addition, to tickle your funny bones, Fox has released a video of "Headless" visiting their offices this past Halloween.

Take The Midnight Ride with this Preview of Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.07

"Sleepy Hollow" has returned with a vengeance, and also back next week is guest star John Cho. Check out a preview of Episode 1.07, "The Midnight Ride," but buckle up - it's bumpy!

John Noble Confirmed for Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow; Three Sneak Peeks of Tonight's Episode 1.06 - The Sin Eater

Along with uncovering a trio of clips from "The Sin Eater," Episode 1.06 of "Sleepy Hollow," we learned that guest star John Noble, whom we'll see for the first time tonight, will be back!

Get a Taste of the First Eight Minutes of Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.06 - The Sin Eater

Revisionist history is all the rage, and few do it better than Fox's "Sleepy Hollow." Can't wait to see what event the show puts its unique spin on next? Then check out the first eight minutes of Episode 1.06, "The Sin Eater."

Catch Up with Sleepy Hollow: Watch Five Episodes in Five Minutes!

We cannot wait for "Sleepy Hollow" to return to Fox next Monday, but if you haven't hopped on the bandwagon yet (or are a little rusty on what's happened so far), this story is for you!

Get a Sneak Peek of Headless' Return in Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.06 - The Sin Eater

Thanks to the World Series, we have another week to wait for the return of "Sleepy Hollow" on Fox, but to help fill the void, here's a sneak peek of Episode 1.06, "The Sin Eater," along with a half dozen new stills.