Nicolas Cage's Hair

Tiny Teaser Art for Drive Angry

Over on the official Nu Image website the first bit of teaser art for Patrick Lussier's Nicolas Cage flick, Drive Angry, has surfaced, and even though it's kind of tiny, it's still pretty badass.

Columbia Talking Ghost Rider 2 with David Goyer

Nicolas Cage has been talking about a Ghost Rider sequel for over a year now (see an earlier story by Foy from 9/4/08) and nobody paid him much mind, but now the trades are getting into the act and throwing around David Goyer's name to boot.

Nic Cage Will Drive Angry for Patrick Lussier

With the box office success of The Final Destination this weekend, we expected to hear about upcoming 3D projects over the next several days and weeks, but nothing prepared us for the prospect of Nicolas Cage and his hair being involved in one of them. However, seeing the names Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer attached to the same film does engender a bit more confidence in it.

Nicolas Cage Talks Ghost Rider Sequel

We are big Nicolas Cage fans here at Dread Central? Why? Because he can be a lovable over-acting madman! Recently he sat down with MTV to talk about the sequel to Ghost Rider, which -- if he has his way -- will be more of a reboot than a sequel.

Knowing (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Nicolas Cage, Chandler Canterbury, Rose Byrne, D.G. Maloney, Nicolas Cage's Hair Directed by Alex Proyas Distributed by Summit Entertainment

Season of the Witch Uncaged in March

Good news for fans of Nicolas Cage and his hair! Lionsgate announced today that his latest film, Dominic Sena's Season of the Witch, has been granted a March release!

Knowing DVD / Blu-ray News

Knowing was a very polarizing film to say the least. It did alright at the box office. Roger Ebert gave it four stars. Most every other critic despised it. I enjoyed it for the hokey leftover Seventies Larry Cohen-style doomsday porn flick it was. Uncle Creepy nearly imploded from the hate he felt for it. Now you too can decide if the Alex Proyas/Nicolas Cage flick was great, terrible, or somewhere in between.

Lionsgate Signs For Season of the Witch

No ... calm down. Breathe. Lionsgate is NOT remaking Halloween III: Season of the Witch. We'll always have the bastard of the Halloween franchise with its cool-ass deaths and manic theme song to ourselves. We're talking about an all new property here, folks, one that's free from showing us Tom Atkins' bare ass!

Knowing (2009)

Reviewed by Nomad Starring Nicolas Cage, Chandler Canterbury, Rose Byrne, D.G. Maloney Directed by Alex Proyas

Alex Proyas Talks Knowing with MTV

One upcoming genre film that's been kind of flying under the radar is Alex Proyas' Knowing. It's probably because of the involvement of its on-again/off-again star, Nicolas Cage, whose last few efforts haven't been exactly stellar.

Nicolas Cage Talks Ghost Rider 2

Ah, Nicolas Cage. So wacky, so unpredictable, so old to play Ghost Rider hero Johnny Blaze. Yet, that hasn't stopped him from talking sequel!

Cage & Sena Reteam for Season of the Witch

Wow, Season of the Witch is back in the news. It finally sounds like it’s going to get made, but as with most things in Hollywood it is both blessing and a curse. A blessing because this script has been sitting in development hell for years; a curse because Nicolas Cage is now attached to star in it according to Variety.

Teaser Poster & Synopsis for Proyas' Knowing

I'm no fan of Nicolas Cage, everyone who reads the site on a consistent basis knows this, but I am a fan of The Crow and Dark City director Alex Proyas, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt for his latest film, Knowing, which Cage stars in. You gotta take the good with the bad, right?