Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman Violated in Trespass

Oh, Nicolas Cage. How much do we love thee? Seriously, he's become one of our favorite actors here around the Dread Central offices so when news breaks of him in a new genre film, it immediately gets our attention!

Season of the Witch (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman, Claire Foy, Stephen Graham, Stephen Campbell Moore, Christopher Lee

Season of the Witch Hits Home Next Week! New TV Spot!

We're just a week away from Nicolas Cage and his hair hitting home video in Dominic Sena's Season of the Witch and to celebrate this auspicious occasion, Fox has released a new TV spot! Dig it!

Season of the Witch Debuts a Special Blu-ray/DVD Trailer

Director Dominic Sena's Season of the Witch is coming to Blu-ray and DVD on June 28th from 20th Century Fox, and in honor of the occasion they've released a new trailer geared specifically toward the home video release. Dig it!

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Footage from Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance to Debut

And so it begins. One of our first news stories regarding the madness that is the San Diego Comic-Con 2011. With the big show rapidly approaching, you can expect the same insane amount of coverage that we give you every year, starting now with this interesting news bite regarding Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance.

Drive Angry (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Nicolas Cage, Billy Burke, Amber Heard, William Fichtner, Tom Atkins, Charlotte Ross Directed by Patrick Lussier

Exclusive: Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer Talk Drive Angry

If you happened to miss Drive Angry 3D when it hit theaters this past February, now you’ll have an opportunity to right that wrong as the explosive flick is finally hitting DVD and Blu-ray shelves on Tuesday, May 31st.

Box Art Debut: Season of the Witch

Is there anyone on Earth not looking forward to seeing Nicolas Cage and his medieval fright wig in glorious 1080p? I mean honestly ... that's worth the price of the Blu-ray itself as far as we're concerned. Get ready for a gander at the official box art for Season of the Witch!

June is Officially The Season of the Witch on DVD and Blu-ray

Oh, the spectacle that is Dominic Sena's Season of the Witch! If you missed it in theatres it's coming home along with Nicolas Cage's hair this June. Glory be!

First Word: Drive Angry Crashing onto Blu-ray and DVD May 31st

If there's any justice in this universe, Drive Angry will find its audience when it comes home to Blu-ray and DVD in May. Read on for the details.

Ghost Rider Faces Off with Blackout in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

So we've been wondering just who everyone's favorite motorcycle driving hot head will be tussling with when Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance 3D roars into theatres, and finally an undead answer has come!

Dread Central Wants YOU to Drive Angry on Us!

We hear you loud and clear. You don't have the extra cash to shell out to go to the movies. Maybe you're tired of spending higher admission prices for 3D films. Can't blame you there. But most of us here at DC stand behind Drive Angry, and we think if you took the time to go, you probably would, too.

Drive Angry 3D Blows a Tire at the Box Office

The R-rated shot-in-3D romp that sees Nic Cage as an escapee from hell trying to save a baby from rock-a-billy occultists, raising his own hell in a hot rod with a hot blonde, pursued by a hellish "accountant" determined to return him to his infernal punishment, only grossed a pitiful $5 million for the weekend, barely even making it across the finish line at 9th place.

Drive Angry Central - Read the Review, Interviews, and More!

Since the much anticipated Drive Angry 3D is coming out in theaters this week, we wanted to make that sure you didn't miss a moment of our coverage. Get your motors running, kids! We're in for a wild ride! Synopsis

Nicolas Cage Talks Drive Angry

Nicolas Cage is one of the coolest actors of this era and if you don’t agree, you can go straight to Hell. Oddly enough, that’s just where Cage comes back from as John Milton, the “badass mutherfucker” who burns rubber through Drive Angry (review here) this weekend.