Nick Cave

True Blood – Music from the HBO Original Series – Volume 3 to Be Released this Fall

WaterTower Music has announced the upcoming release of True Blood – Music from the HBO Original Series – Volume 3 due in stores and online this fall. The follow-up to the first two Grammy-nominated soundtracks will consist of new songs from the upcoming fourth season of the acclaimed HBO drama as well as music from the show’s wildly successful third season.

Gris Grimly Talks Bringing Pinocchio to Life

Dread Central favorite Gris Grimly has taken the time to speak a bit about the genesis and the current state of his upcoming stop-motion telling of Pinocchio that he's making in conjunction with Mark Gustafson and Guillermo del Toro, and it's great to hear from the man himself.

Gris Grimly, Mark Gustafson and Guillermo del Toro Ready to Bring Pinocchio to Life

Around these parts we've been singing the praises of artist Gris Grimly for several years now. Simply put, the man has a very distinct and eye-catching style all of his own. It's nice to see the rest of the world catching up!

More Crow Reboot Talk to Ruffle Your Feathers

Round and round we go. In more non-news concerning the upcoming re-envisioning of The Crow, there are a few new lyrics being added to the same old song.

Stephen Norrington Flies the Coop of The Crow Redux

Can you smell that? Yep, trouble is in the air, and we knew it wouldn't be long before the source of said smell would rear its ugly head. Just a day after the announcement that Mark Wahlberg was offered the lead role in The Crow remake, attached director Stephen Norrington has left the project.

Mark Wahlberg Offered The Crow?

File this one under, "You're kidding, right?" for now, kids! A new rumor surrounding musician Nick Cave's re-imagining of the James O'Barr's classic tale of vengeance from beyond the grave has just hit online and it truly is a scary one!

New Trailer for Wounded Embark of the Lovesick Mind & a Pinocchio Update from Gris Grimly

Now this is what we call an update! Gris Grimley is currently working on so many projects it's hard to keep track of them all, but today he provided us with info on three of them, including a new trailer for his short film Wounded Embark of the Lovesick Mind and, even more exciting, his feature film Pinocchio, which is being produced by Guillermo Del Toro and The Jim Henson Company.

Musician Nick Cave Rewriting The Crow Redux? Stranger Things Have Happened!

When last we talked about Stephen (Blade) Norrington's redux of The Crow, all seemed well. The film had its location, two in fact, New Mexico and Detroit, and everyone was gaga over Norrington's script. Now? Not so much.

Nick Cave Gives Update on The Road

If you’ve been wondering what the status is on the John Hillcoat-helmed adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s post-apocalyptic tale of a father’s love, The Road, look no further than Nick Cave.