Nicholas Hoult

Is John Malkovich Next to Board Summit's Warm Bodies?

Here's hoping that the "final talks" John Malkovich is currently having with Summit Entertainment turn into a firm commitment because we can't imagine anyone better to join the studio's zombie flick Warm Bodies than him.

Rob Corddry to Snuggle With the Undead in Warm Bodies

Former "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" correspondent Rob Corddry has seen and done a lot in his career. Everything from firing guns while intoxicated to going back in time via hot tub to nail hot chicks. Now it's time for the man to move into the big leagues by tacking zombies. Definitely the next logical step, wouldn't you say?

San Diego Comic-Con 2011:Author Isaac Marion Talks Warm Bodies Adaptation

Some more news coming out of the San Diego Comic-Con, this bit concerning Jonathan Levine's (All the Boys Love Mandy Lane) upcoming Summit Entertainment adaptation of the Isaac Marion book, Warm Bodies.

The Zombie Love Continues as Teresa Palmer Starts Eying Warm Bodies

Even the dead need to cuddle. That is, before they stiffen and become locked into one place. Damned rigor mortis. Anyway, the possible casting news continues for Summit Entertainment's latest horror lovefest!

Nicholas Hoult Looking for Warm Bodies

Name two things that go together better than zombies and romance! Umm ... Anyone? Think, people, think! It worked for Shaun of the Dead, did it not? With the Twilight saga winding down (just bite the damned baby already), Summit Entertainment is hoping that it will score big for them as well.