Nic Mathieu

Legendary Scares Up a New Director for Spectral

Ever since Norwegian helmers Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg (Kon-Tiki) left Legendary's production of Spectral, the hunt has been on to find another director, and finally the studio has someone in its sights.

Aliens Land to Tell the Story of Your Life

Hey, aliens! We've been waiting for you cats to officially land for what seems like forever. What's with all the needless probing and cat and mouse shenanigans? Make yourself known! Shit or get off the pot already!

Warner Brothers Breaks Wind

I know, I know... tacky title; but it's Friday, a holiday weekend, and we're kind of giddy. In any event, THR reports that Warner Brothers has another new genre project on its way called The Wind, and you can read on to be blown away!