Next Caller

An Update from SenoReality's Patrick Rea

One stumbling block that a lot of indie filmmakers hit is trying to stretch what should be left as a short into a feature-length film. Fortunately, there's a writer/director out there who understands that longer doesn't always mean better: Kansas-based Patrick Rea. And apparently we're not the only people who feel that way about Patrick as his cup runneth over with numerous film festivals clamoring to show his wares ... and also rewarding him for his efforts!

Let the Dark Matter DVD Club Awaken Your Imagination

Indie filmmaker Patrick Rea contacted Dread Central recently to let us know about Dark Matter, a new concept in monthly DVD clubs that focuses on a mixture of suspense, science fiction, and fantasy stories, often concluding with a thought-provoking, chilling, or unexpected turn of events.

Dread Central Presents: Next Caller

We're pleased to announce that once again Dread Central is home to the online premiere of a new short film from SenoReality and Free State Studios.