First Friday the 13th TV Spot

The first “official” TV spot for “>Friday the 13th has appeared thanks to the guys at The Movie Box, which you can feast thine eyes upon below. The MPAA recently gave the Platinum Dunes redux the coveted “R” rating, so any fears of them going for the cheap shot and looking for a PG-13 may be allayed.
Dig the spot below and look for coolness between now and the films February 13th release date!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • kiddcapone

    Seriously….why the fuck is Jason sharpening weapons on a wheel like a blacksmith? I’ve just about lost all faith in this remake.

    Maybe Jason gets a laptop and starts his own website to trick victims into coming to Crystal Lake. Who wouldn’t want to see Jason surfing the net?

    • Gus Bjork

      You gotta think wacking through a skull is going to dull your blade and I don’t think he’s going to sub out to the local kitchen supply store. And Jason strikes me as the type of guy who’s really devoted to his favorites so replacements aren’t going to be his thing.


      But why not? In context it could be a creepy scene. The sound of the blade on the stone alone would be unnerving. If one of the kids spies him getting prep’d for a night out for example. I doubt, but I could be wrong, that we’ll see Jason outside the eyes of the victims.

      I’m typically not a slasher fan but I’m excited about this and Bloody Valentine. I don’t know why. I guess it’s a sense of fun with both-not ‘funny’ like goofy and self-referential but like both simple seem to want to give a good night out at the movies. The whole carnival spookhouse thing not some grisly and gritty depravity.

  • ryan74

    the tv spot is absolute amazing!