Plot Details for Jack Brooks 2

Jack Brooks sequel detailsThough there’s not a lot of meat to it yet, the ghouls over at STYD got their hands on the log line for “>Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer 2, which is currently in the scripting stages with director Jon Knautz and star Trevor Matthews penning the screenplay.

Jack Brooks decides to retire from monster slaying, but not before taking one last job. Soon he finds himself helping stop a man with an evil plot to summon the demon Legion.

Now why, when he’s finally found his life’s calling and something he’s really good at, would Jack Brooks be “retiring” so soon? Or is it like the inevitable superhero sequel where the tortured hero has to hang up his mask for personal reasons, only to be drawn back in when things get too hot without him?

Not sure when we’ll get the answer to that, but it’s good to know the sequel is being planned on some level; this time I hope there’s way more monster slaying and way less jibber jabber.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • kiddcapone

    I wasn’t impressed with Jack Brooks 1. Ever since I got Netflix, I’ve been watching shit I wouldn’t normally watch based on reviews. I heard nothing but good things about it, and it was boring as fuck. It wasn’t even entertaining on a super cheese level. It takes wayyyyy to long to get interesting, and the payoff isn’t worth the time invested.

    I’ll pass.