The Weekly Wrap-Up: December 13-19, 2008

The Weekly Wrap-Up: December 13-19, 2008

In keeping with the holiday spirit, this week’s Wrap-Up is being delivered in verse a la The Twelve Days of Christmas. If anyone else wants to throw out some ideas for The Eight Nights of Chanukah or The Seven Days of Kwanzaa in the comments section below, feel free. And let’s not forgot about the winter solstice. While some complain about it being the shortest day of the year, horror fans appreciate the other side of the coin — the longest night. With so much to celebrate, let’s get cooking!

From December 13-19, 2008,

My true love sent to me,

Twelve pairs of 3D glasses (the better to watch the new My Bloody Valentine 3D trailer),

Eleven needless remakes of foreign films hardly anyone’s even seen yet (Danish thriller Mørke (Murk) is the most recent casualty of this craze),

Ten long months to wait before we finally get to see The Wolfman (in the meantime read what Rick Baker and Benecio Del Toro have to say about the film),

Nine new stills from upcoming Warner Bros. releases (Whiteout, The Box, Friday the 13th, Orphan, and Final Destination: Death Trip 3D),

Eight horror/comedy shorts on Xbox Live from Adam Green, Peter Cornwell, James Wan, James Gunn, Lucky McKee, Marcus Nispel, David Slade, and Andrew Douglas (Green’s sharp and clever “Fairy Tale Police” is now available for download),

Seven cheers for Third Rail Releasing giving Outlander a theatrical release (Again I say: Vikings and aliens! Perlman and Hurt! Sign me up!),

Six plus twenty pieces of artwork from Coraline floating around the interwebs (Dread Central was awarded the “D”),

Fiiiiive biiiiitchiiiiin’ toys (Freddy Krueger from Gentle Giant, Mattel’s The Birds Barbie, the original Predator (and maybe a Jesse and an Arnold) from Hot Toys, a ridiculously cool 3D Godzilla poster from the geniuses at Organic Hobby, and Living Dead Dolls Series 17),

Four more Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes coming to DVD (Box Set No. XIV is set to hit shelves February 3, 2009),

Three time’s the charm to finally get Michael Sheen on an Underworld 3 poster (considering the subtitle is Rise of the Lycans, it only makes sense to showcase your lead character — and best actor — right?)

Two trailers for movies with “Eden” in their titles (French horror/sci-fi hybrid Eden Log directed by Franck Vestiel, who was the first assistant director on Ils (aka Them), and Eden Lake, whose director James Watkins was a co-writer and second unit director of the forthcoming The Descent: Part 2),

And an Oscar for Repo! The Genetic Opera! (C’mon, Academy; it’s just as hard out there for a graverobber as it is for a pimp. Would anything be sweeter than to hear “Zydrate Anatomy” performed live during the ceremony? This Woman can’t think of a thing!)

As the snow falls and the winds grow colder, remember that one kind word can warm three winter months. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones, and do your best to stay safe and sane during this hectic time of the year. Until 2009 …

The Woman In Black

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  • upstartfilm

    Since I’m half-Black and I gave you guys the “Black” trailer, I’d like to nominate Walking Distance for a Kwaanza mention. Unfortunately, I am lax in my Blackness, and need to consult Wikipedia for a suitable joke.

    Okay, I choose the Kwaanza principle of Kuumba (Creativity): To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.

    Except what happens to the community in Walking Distance is pretty much the exact opposite of that. Perhaps we are a better fit for Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics). I leave that in your capable hands.

    Happy Holidays,

    • Johnny Butane

      Somehow I feel smarter for having read this entire post…

  • ImTheMoon

    I’m with you on the Oscar for Repo….we all know it wouldn’t win (it’s the nature of the beast) but a performance of Zydrate Anatomy would get me watching the ceremony for the first time.

  • PelusaMG

    “You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry, The Woman in Black is telling you why… Uncle Creepy’s coming to town, Uncle Creepy’s coming to town, Uncle Creepy’s coming; to town!”

    Not relevant, but thought I would get into the Christmas spirit too!