Exclusive: New Pics & First Trailer for Walking Distance!

New Walking Distance pic!We’ve been looking forward to “>Walking Distance, Mel House’s follow-up to the ambitious indie film “>Closet Space (review), since we first heard rumblings about how good the script was. So we kept Mr. House very close to us as the film was being made, and now you get to benefit from our diligence!

New Walking Distance pic!We were just provided with four exclusive stills and, most importantly, the “Black” trailer for Walking Distance, which you can see below! House explains the focus of this trailer: ”The Black Walking Distance trailer mainly lays out the ‘espionage and intrigue’ side of the story,” he told us. ”You’ve got Joseph Webber (Reggie Bannister) – a recently paroled felon who is still very ‘sick’, Louise Strack (Adrienne King) – the very influential head of an experimental facility located in the center of the community, and Cadence Hamilton (Danielle Jones) – who disappeared under mysterious circumstances some time ago. And then there’s the FBI…”

New Walking Distance pic!Even with that insight, still very little is known as to what Walking Distance is about, only that it’s set inside a community where everything is within walking distance to everyone, and what happens when something from out of this world tries to get in.

House went on to say that this has been the easiest post-production he’s ever dealt with. ”I actually look forward to sequestering myself for hours on end in my edit suite, which is a bit of a new thing for me,” he explained. ”The edit process on past films was akin to pulling teeth at times. For that, I owe a great deal of thanks to my cast and crew for helping me pretty much get exactly what I wanted on set. Together, I think we’ve made a weird, disturbing, and different kind of horror flick.”

Enjoy our exclusive “Black” trailer for Walking Distance below, and keep your eyeballs right here for more as the film gets closer and closer to completion!

New Walking Distance pic!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Daigoji Gai

    I have to second Justin – it is so awesome to see Reggie again!

    Gosh, what ever happened to our post-apocalyptic follow-up to Phantasm : OblIVion?

    The trailer has me interested, especially what looked like a full scale melting mutant crazies fiasco at the end. Tenticles? Oh my!

  • upstartfilm

    Yeah, it’s Kathy Lamkin. Totally great to work with. In the film, she’s married to Glenn (24, TRANSFORMERS 1&2) Morshower.

    Reggie was awesome. So was Adrienne, and Debbie, and Katie, and Denton, etc, etc….the whole WD cast brought it in spades.

    As for Closet Space, we’re trying hard to finalize a domestic deal. We actually just got one of the German copies in the mail, and it’s a trip. They retitled it to “Between Two Worlds” over there.

    • Daigoji Gai

      This is awesome news! Keep your friends at UGO.com in mind as well with any new news regarding this. Thanks DreadCentral.com for the scoop on this. Too many great horror films get missed by the masses.

  • Justin Warren

    Oooh! Reggie! I’m a *BIG* fan.

    Oh and hey that was the lady from the Texas Chainsaw flicks, wasn’t it?

    I still haven’t seen Closet Space, but I really want to.