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Jason Trost Knows How to Save Us; New Poster and Trailer Released!



Parade Deck Films is releasing Jason Trost’s How to Save Us in select theaters on June 5th, and today they’ve shared a new poster and the first trailer for the film.

For his fourth and most daring film as director, Trost (The FP, All Superheroes Must Die) brought How to Save Us to life with a bone-chilling and brilliant score from acclaimed composer Tori Letzler (“American Horror Story,” Thor: Dark World) and Phil Miller’s astonishing cinematography.  How to Save Us is being lauded by critics as “a powerful, somewhat introspective look at family through the eyes of a man who has lost his” and “an independent film with a strong foundation in genre and a uniquely vivid vision.

When Brian Everett’s younger brother, Sam, goes missing on the island of Tasmania during the middle of a mysterious quarantine, Brian (Trost) is forced to traverse across enemy lines to save his brother from an army of ghosts by following Sam’s rules of survival. But will this buy enough time for Brian to find his brother, or will they both be stuck in a hellish realm of the dead forever?

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