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DVD Release List: Beware the Fair-Haired Child



A pretty small list for December 12th, 2006…

Click to see it bigger!The Brink (2006)
Directed by Benjamin Cooper

A brilliant engineering student named Megan sets out to find the blueprints for the device that Thomas Edison completed right before his death; a device for talking to the dead. She assembles a group of friends to help her build it in a dilapidated house, never sharing with them the history of the building; a family brutally murdered one another within its walls years ago and they’re just itching for a trip back to the other side. The device they put together allows that trip to happen and a very disturbed evil finds its way to our world. Click to see it bigger!The Circle (2003)
Directed by Seung-bae Park

A series of violent rapes and murders have the police baffled. The killer seems to be too good, too calculating and has no intention of being caught. He is captured eventually, however, and a young, touch female officer puts him under hypnosis to try and figure out why this man has killed so horribly. The truth that is discovered might be a lot more terrifying than anyone expected, however. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!A Dead Calling (2006)
Directed by Michael Feifer

A young female story editor for a local paper is called to investigate an old house, and soon finds herself to be the only hope a family of long-dead ghosts have to get the story out about how they were killed. The owner of the house, who still lives there, takes steps to make sure she never finds out what happened, but pretty soon the girl realizes her connection to the place is much stronger that at first thought. A Devil’s Rejects reunion of sorts, with Sid Haig and Leslie Easterbrook playing the girls parents, and Bill Moseley thrown in as chief of police! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Eye for Terror
Directed by Various

A new set of indie films from the folks at Tempe Video, just what you wanted for Christmas, right? Featured in here are Bonesetter Returns (the sequel to The Bonesetter, if you can believe it), Final Curtain, Satanic Yuppies (now there’s a great fucking title), a special edition of Hell Asylum and Shock Cinema Vols. 1&2. Don’t thank me, thank Tempe, folks, I’m just the messenger, as it were. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Living Death (2006)
Directed by Erin Berry

Now this is kind of fucked up, if I do say so myself. Victor is a sadist whose been spoiled by everything and is only truly able to feel when he’s torturing others. His wife can’t leave him, but his lawyer figures out that they could poison him and blame it on drugs. Well, all the poison does is put him into a death-like state in which he can still see and feel everything, even the autopsy. The pain is enough to wake him up, and he gets free to lock his wife and lawyer up in his downstairs torture chamber to enact his revenge. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Masters of Horror: The Fair Haired Child (2006)
Directed by William Malone

Probably one of my favorite episodes from the first season, House on Haunted Hill remake director Bill Malone created a rich dark fairy tale about a girl who is kidnapped by some very disturbed individuals. They throw her into an inescapable basement where she meets a ginger kid who has no idea what he’s doing down there. Pretty soon she learns the horrible truth, that he must transform and feed once a year to keep himself alive thanks to his sick parents, but the tables are turned on them when they least expect it. Check out our DVD review of it here for more! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!The Sorority (2006)
Directed by Bodie Norton

A small town is gripped by terror when some of it’s college students begin disappearing, only to be found later buried alive. One girl discovers that the hottest sorority at school is actually a coven of devil worshippers (of course) but before she can reveal the secret she’s killed. Her sister vows revenge, but is she able to stand up to the seductive temptations of a sorority full of hot, lesbian devil lovers? Damn I hope not! Buy it here!

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