Zombie Strippers Team Unveils Lineup

Scream HQ unveils lineupHow long can a company who produces movies like “>Zombie Strippers (DVD review) keep kicking? Hopefully a very, very long time. The boys over at Quiet Earth got a heads up that the official site for Scream HQ has been updated recently with a slew of new projects they have in the works.

With titles like Cannibal Bitches of Beverly Hills, Meatville and The House with 1000 Eyes, its clear that the Scream HQ guys won’t be reigning themselves in anytime soon. Check out their official site for plot breakdowns on all their potential projects.

I should warn you, said site is not exactly work safe, but then would you expect it to be considering some of the movies these guys have planned? Frankly I would be disappointed if it were tame…

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane