Sega Hatches New Alien Games

Today is a good day. The Aliens franchise has always been a perfect pairing with videogames and despite dozens of different games from all kinds of different companies bearing the name of the franchise, the disappointments have been very few and far between; the series has on more than one occasion been done justice. Aliens VS Predator on PC is one of my own personal favourite games because it so brilliantly captured the feeling and tension in what is still one of the scariest games out there.

Today the wait for a new game to bear the name is finally over and we’re going to get what we’ve been crying out for since we first saw Doom: an Alien game with badass graphics.

Sega announced today through their corporate website that they have acquired the rights to the franchise and are promising multiple titles with a first person shooter and RPG being confirmed for next generation platforms.

A little digging offers up two very promising nuggets of information: the Aliens page on Sega’s website has two different developers names at the bottom of the page: Gearbox Software and Obsidian Entertainment.

Gearbox has a long history as developers of first person shooters, with a bunch of award winning titles under their belts including the much heralded add on packs for the original Half Life and Brothers in Arms, the award-winning WWII first person shooter. It’s no small leap to imagine that Gearbox will be developing the Alien FPS. Given their back catalogue of titles, it’s definitely something to get excited about.

Obsidian on the other hand have … get this … a respected pedigree as a developer of RPGs with a couple of award winning titles under their belts. Namedly Neverwinter Nights 2 and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2.

In other words, though proper confirmation has yet to come, it’s looking like we can expect an Aliens FPS from an award winning FPS develop and an Aliens RPG from an award winning RPG developer.

Today is a good day indeed. As soon as we hear more, as soon as we hear even the tiniest scrap of info, it will be passed on, to you, as soon as we can possibly do so.


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