Spiker and Dead Serious Score Distribution

Spiker Michael J. Hein of MooDude Films has announced that they’ve won distribution and release of two new films, Spiker and Dead Serious; the first a bloody slasher and the second an oddball horror comedy pitting religious zealotry against gays and vampires.

Spiker is about a singularly large pink-eyed albino who has a nasty fetish for slashing victims to death with railroad spikes. A group of teens decide to camp out at an abandoned house, and, as teens are prone to do, ultimately become prey for this remorseless white haired killing machine. What is it with albinos, anyway? They started out shady with Monsieur Zenith, got a bit darker with Elric of Melniboné, and now here they are flat out pricking teenagers to death with railroad spikes. Next they’ll be running for Senate. Spiker stars Frank Zagarino and David ‘Shark’ Fralick and is due out on DVD everywhere on December 15th, 2008, through MTI’s Artist View Entertainment.

Dead Serious Dead Serious is a more comedic, if possibly outright slapstick, affair that involves right-wing terrorists taking over a gay bar in New York City. It seems the Bible Belt zealots have some cures for homosexuality to test, and they rapidly get down to business by experimenting with new drugs on the denizens of the establishment. Their dubious plans quickly go awry when vampires come into play, presumably as customers of the venue.

For a more detailed description, check out our review, which points out some flaws with the film as well as some of its more inspired moments. Dead Serious is to be premiered on MTV’s LOGO network on December 11th, 2008, at midnight, and will be replayed on the channel throughout 2009. An actual DVD release is TBA, but for now check your local listings!

Tristan Sinns

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