Against the Dark, Screamers 2 Art

Against the DarkThe great website DVD Active has unveiled the artwork for two Sony DVD releases arriving in February that seemed to have caused a bit of a stir: Screamers: The Hunting and the Steven Seagal vampire hunting flick Against The Dark.

One look at the box art for Against the Dark and you can clearly see Steven Seagal (with his katana sword of doom) is being touted as the star of this tale of commandos battling mutant vampires on the loose in a hospital. Hate to be the one to splash some cold water on everyone but from looking into this movie everything I’ve found seems to indicate that Seagal’s role is a relatively minor one. Unless something changed, from my research, the real star of the film is the guy played “Toa” on the new “American Gladiators” and Seagal’s role is slightly more than a glorified cameo being used to help market the movie. I guess we’ll have until February 10th to find out for sure. Click here to pre-order Against the Dark through Evilshop.

Screamers: The Hunting on DVD!Following a week later on the 17th of February will be the straight-to-DVD sequel (pre-order, $10 bucks says it’ll be premiering on the Sci-Fi Channel by August) Screamers: The Hunting, a trailer for which can be found “>here. For those in need of a plot refresher…

It’s been thirteen years since the robotic killing machines known as Screamers destroyed the human population of Sirius 6B. But now a distress signal brings a team of rescuers to the supposedly abandoned planet. Can it be a long-lost colony of human survivors? Or have the Screamers evolved into something even more sinister…a half-man/half-machine hybrid that needs to escape Sirius 6B to finish its mission: the complete annihilation of the human race? Based on a short story by the visionary creator of Blade Runner, Total Recall and Minority Report, SCREAMERS: THE HUNTING is a mind-shattering sequel to Philip K. Dick’s legendary sci-fi cult thriller!

Lance Henriksen took time out of his Bigfoot fighting schedule to co-star. Top billing goes to Gina Holden who you might not remember from the thankfully cancelled Sci-Fi Channel “Flash Gordon” series. Given those two I now move my Sci-Fi Channel premiere prediction up to June.

And finally, because this is a horror site and I assure you it will be the most horrifying image you’ll see all day, look what’s coming to DVD in March…


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