Saw VI Scream Queen Chosen

Tanedra Howard wins a role in Saw VII don’t think you guys really realize how much we sacrifice on a daily basis to bring you the news. Here’s an example; I have to talk about a reality show in this story. Sure, it’s a reality show created by James Gunn and full of hot chicks, but a reality show nonetheless.

The show is “Scream Queens”, which has been airing on VH1 all month long. Last night the show’s winner was chosen, and her name is Tanedra Howard. Her prize? She will have a role in the upcoming “>Saw VI sequel and … well, that’s about it, actually. Hope it was worth it, Miss Howard!

You can check out some highlights from the show’s finale over on VH1’s website if you’re so inclined. Don’t worry, we won’t know if you do or don’t so you can feel free to click if you like. You’re the one who has to face yourself in the mirror every day…

Johnny Butane

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Wonder if it’ll be a glorified walk-on role in the Dread Central forums!

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Johnny Butane