Saint George Vs. the Vampire

Here’s a movie specifically for Johnny Butane, a man who can never get enough vampire movies, especially of the low budget variety. I’m telling you that guy has a hard on for vampire flicks like you wouldn’t believe. Anyway, before he drives a stake through my heart…

I stumbled upon info for this one while doing my usual snooping around the internet in search of anything new and interesting under the B-movie sun. Despite most of us suffering from bad vampire movie burnout, personally, I think Soul’s Midnight has a great premise: taking the famous legend of Saint George and the Dragon and putting a vampiric spin on it. The film also has an interesting pedigree behind it. Written and produced by relative unknowns Brian and Jason Cleveland, the executive producer behind it is Gray Frederickson, Oscar winning producer of all three Godfather films as well as Apocalypse Now.

But as for that premise, I’ll just quote the synopsis on the American World Pictures website:

“In the 12th century Saint George vanquished a creature of extraordinary evil. As time passed, fact evolved into legend and the true story of Saint George and the Dragon was buried in time…

Charles, a descendant of Saint George, and Alicia, his pregnant wife, are a happy couple that travels to a sleepy Midwest town to attend his estranged father’s funeral. Their holiday turns to terror when…”

Pardon me for interrupting the synopsis but I really have to question the person that wrote worded this synopsis. “Their holiday..?” This couple has made this trip to attend the husband’s father’s funeral. That hardly sounds like a “holiday” trip to me. Back to the synopsis:

“Their holiday turns to terror when an eccentric hotel owner, Simon (Armand Assante), reveals his thirst for blood. As leader of a vampire cult, he has lured them to his hotel with the intention of capturing their unborn child. As a descendant of Saint George the child possesses untainted blood and will be sacrificed in a ceremony that will resurrect The Dragon – the world’s original vampire!”

Like I said, I totally dig the premise. The promo art ain’t too shabby either. Unfortunately (why must there always be an unfortunately?), I then watched the trailer for Soul’s Midnight and it really doesn’t do the film any favors, unless the idea is to make it look like as generic a vampire/devil cult horror flick as possible. You do get a brief glimpse at the neat-looking, gargoyle-esque Dragon, but mostly you get generic vampire shtick and all the stuff you’d expect from a “satanic cult is after my unborn baby” flick, not a whole lot of the Saint George tie-in that’s really what could and should set this movie apart from similar films of the genre. I really hope this was just a poorly cut trailer and not a reflection on the film overall because I really do think the initial premise holds much potential. Feel free to check it out; you’ll have to scroll down a little to find the film’s entry on the site.

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