Rickman Imprisons Depp

Rickman signs on for ToddI really love the fact that Alan Rickman is doing so well for himself these days. The first time I remember seeing him in anything big since Die Hard was Kevin Smith’s Dogma (though I’m sure he did a lot in between), and since then it seems he just keeps getting more and more roles.

Still deeply ensconced in the world of Harry Potter, Rickman has decided to go full-on bad guy and signed up to play Judge Turpin in Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd according to Screen Daily. For those not familiar with the musical Burton is working from, Turpin is the judge who wrongfully sends Todd to prison, causing him to lose his family and swear revenge on the judge, which he enacts by literally cutting through the rest of his enemies.

The film is set to shoot in the UK starting February 5th with Burton heavily into pre-production as you read this. In fact … what could he be doing right now … ? Ahem. Rickman joins Johnny Deep (as Todd of course) and Helena Bonham Cater. Earlier reports that Sacha Cohen (aka Borat) had signed on for sure may have been premature as Burton recently told Empire Magazine that they’re still very early into talks with the man.

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