Punisher 2 Director on Jonah Hex?

Lexi Alexander in talks to helm Jonah HexI’m still not entirely sure if Jonah Hex has anything to do with horror, I’ve never read the comic myself, but since we’ve been giving you guys updates on the film version since it was announced, why stop now?

The latest development comes from IGN Filmforce, which learned that Punisher: War Zone director Lexi Alexander has been offered the director’s chair on Hex, which you may recall was recently vacated by the Crank duo of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.

She did specifically point out that she’s one of a few directors up for the gig so Warner Bros. may not go with her in the end. She also told IGN that she wasn’t terribly interested in doing another comic book movie until the opportunity to work with Josh Brolin, who’s thankfully still attached to play the title role, became a possibility.

We’ll continue eyeballing the Jonah Hex progress and throwing you updates so don’t move!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Messiahman

    No, Jonah Hex was never a horror comic. Rather, it was an exceedingly dark western that regularly subverted the genre’s conventions with pitch black storytelling. Hex was a bounty hunter and a former confederate soldier, and most issues were dark adventure stories.

    From what I hear, Neveldine and Taylor’s script is filled with zombies and monsters, proving that this pair of braindead idiots have absolutely no inkling of what the comic was about. As for Lexi Alexander, her work seems waaaaay too neon and glossy for this.

    The only folks I want to adapt this are the Coen Brothers, as they have the right sensibility for it.

    • Gus Bjork

      The three Joe Lansdale runs at the character were definetly horror and my favorite interpretation. Although I have a guilty pleasure for the Road Warrior version.

      • Messiahman

        Although I like Lansdale quite a bit, his three miniseries were most certainly NOT my favorite interpretation, as they forced the character into genre situations for which he was never designed or intended. Give me the original, morally complex, Fleisher-written 70’s Hex run any day. Those books are waaaaaay cooler. They were like THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES dialed to absolute darkness. That was far more narratively intriguing than having him battle magicians and zombies.

        And as for Lansdale, I’ll happily take his Hap/Leonard novels over his disappointing Hex reimagining. Those novels are far more interesting and fun than any of his comic work. But then, I think Joe’s dramatic/mystery fiction kicks the hell out of his early genre work, as well.

  • Caterpillar

    I’m all for female directors who kick ass. There are too damn few of them. Antonia Bird disappeared after the brilliant RAVENOUS, Kathryn Bigelow hasn’t done anything that interested me since STRANGE DAYS, Mary Lambert has never been able to live up to the promise that PET SEMETERY made…

  • Conrad Straker

    Lexi made quite clear she has NOT been offered this project. She asked for the script because she was curious to read it, say Sci-Fi.