French Zombie Featurette!

Don't you mess with French zombies!I have to admit, I’ve never heard Word One about the French zombie movie Paris by Night of the Living Dead until today, which just goes to show how under the radar the film’s been flying considering it’s been in production for about two years now.

So what is it? It’s a French movie about zombies taking over Paris and it’s got a lot of gore. Directed by Gregory Morin, Paris by Night of the Living Dead is best described as a ”zombie-horror-action-martial arts movie”, or so says film critic/DVD producer Frederic Ambroisine, who just put up a 14-minute featurette he did for the film on his official site.

That little slice of zombie heaven is called “You Don’t Mess With French Zombies”, which is both a good title and sound advice. You can check it out right here when you’re ready, the visit Paris by Night of the Living Dead on MySpace and Facebook to learn more!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane