Friday the 13th Re-release DVD/Blu-ray Art

Paramount Home Entertainment sent over a look at the artwork and specs for the first three of the upcoming Friday the 13th DVD re-releases featuring a revamped look that is light years better than their previous revamped take on their last F13 box set. My head hurts.
Anyways, check out the Blu-ray art for the first film below.

Friday the 13th Uncut on Blu-ray!

Specs are as follows:

Friday the 13th: Uncut DVD and Blu-ray

• Commentary by director Sean Cunningham
• Fresh Cuts: New Tales from Friday the 13th
• Man Behind the Legacy: Sean S. Cunningham
• Friday the 13th – Special Reunion
• Lost Tales from Camp Blood – Part 1
• Trailers: Theatrical Trailer – Used on 2004 release

Friday the 13th Part II DVD only. No Blu-ray announced yet.

• Inside Crystal Lake Memories
• Horror Convention
• Lost Tales from Camp Blood – Part 2
• Slasher Films: Going for the Jugular
• Jason Trivia Track (text)
• Jason Forever (Used on 2004 release/Best Buy bonus disc)
• Theatrical Trailer – Used on 2004 release

Friday the 13th Part III DVD only. No Blu-ray announced yet.
• In 3-D
• Theatrical trailer

The re-releases hit store shelves on February 3rd. Click the links below to pre-order!

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  • acp35

    Lets see. They have given the first film uncut and with some great features. The second was has great features as well. Number 3 is done in 3-d and more than likely 2-d ala Polar Express and Journey to the Centre Of The Earth. And still complaints???

    Come on. If anyone is wondering why its the first 3 its probably because the new film deals with the first 3 films.

  • fceurich39

    does not say if part 3 has both 2d and 3d versions though??

  • The Unknown Murderer

    PLEASE! I want ALL of them (except 8 and JGTH) on Blu-Ray! I BEG OF YOU!!!

  • elric300

    Not uncut?

    Then not interested. I don’t care how much glitter they put on it. The footage is there, RESTORE THE MOVIES! Or don’t even think I’m spending a dime.

    And the first uncut doesn’t count, really. It’s been available uncut from the U.K.(!) for many years, now.

    • Sam Hell

      How does the uncut UK version help people who don’t have Region 2 PAL, or region-free, DVD players?

      At the very least, they’re releasing them separately instead of bunched together in a box set. And no one’s forcing them to release Part 3 in 3D, but they are, so that’s commendable. Still, I’ve never appreciated Paramount’s attitude toward their DVD releases. They’ve been at the back of the line since DVD’s first hit the market. These films (the first four specifically) should be given to a genre comapany like Anchor Bay or Dark Sky Films. It won’t guarantee better DVD covers, but it’ll guarantee a better, balls deep treatment.

      • Johnny Butane

        Points awarded for the use of the term “balls deep”!

        • Sam Hell

          Everyone should get points for using that term, and living their lives accordingly.

          I’ve always loved how Warner Brothers treats their DVD releases. They seem like they actually respect the format, as opposed to Paramount. So it’s no surprise that Warner Brothers distributes the uncut versions of Parts 1 AND 4 overseas. Not just in the UK, but elsewhere around the world. Australia’s FRIDAY boxset, which has a similar cover to our own, contains these two versions if anyone wants to go balls deeper.

  • doubleh55

    They say the trailers are re-used from 2004 release but there are no trailers on the 2004 release? What gives?

  • MagusMaleficus

    So they cheaped out on the box art… No surprise, given Paramount’s treatment of these flicks.

  • FilmCritic3000

    So the sequels are not uncut, correct?