Uncle Creepy’s Blu Christmas Buyer’s Guide

With the holiday shopping season officially upon us, I figured it might be a good idea to start making some recommendations for the lucky horror-loving folks on your lists!

Being that Blu-ray has officially been accepted as the next step in home video entertainment, I expect that a lot of PlayStation 3’s and stand-alone Blu-ray players are going to be pretty hot items this year, but what of the movies available for them? If you already own the DVD of your favorite flick, is there a need to replace it with a Blu-ray? I’m here to answer all of your questions in the first annual …

Uncle Creepy's Blu Christmas Buyers Guide!

Before we get into my picks, let’s take a second to explain how I rated them. They’re broken down into three categories:

Can’t Miss — Must Haves: These are the cream of the crop! The purchases that are guaranteed to bring a smile to someone’s face. Items no one with the tech should be without.

Good Buys: A rock-solid purchase. Sure, there’s nothing really to die for about these Blu-rays, but be confident in the fact that you’re spending your cash on the goods that you’re hoping for.

Serious Hi-Def Junkies Only: Here’s where things get a bit sketchy. These Blu-rays were included for a few reasons — Either the movies suck, the transfer and sound aren’t up to snuff, or the included supplemental material (or lack thereof) don’t do much to keep these ships afloat.

Click on any of the reviews listed below to find out exactly what you’re getting and to find the link with which to order them. I’ve also included at the very end a few other recommendations that either came in too late to be reviewed or are not quite horror films but we love ’em anyway.

So, without further ado, let’s get cooking!

Can’t Miss — Must Haves

  • Planet of the Apes: 40th Evolution Collection (review here)
  • Hellboy II: The Golden Army (review here)
  • Young Frankenstein (review here)
  • Sweeney Todd (review here)
  • The Omen Collection (review here)
  • The Ray Harryhausen Collection (review here)
  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (review here)
  • The Mist (review here)
  • The Lost Boys (review here)
  • Halloween 30th Anniversary Commemorative Set (review here)
  • Good Buys

  • I Am Legend: Ultimate Collector’s Edition (review here)
  • Stuck (review here)
  • Zombie Strippers (review here)
  • Diary of the Dead (review here)
  • The Strangers (review here)
  • Dead Space (review here)
  • The Incredible Hulk (review here)
  • Land of the Dead (review here)
  • The Thing (review here)
  • Night Watch and Day Watch (review here)
  • 1408 (review here)
  • Postal (review here)
  • The Mummy and The Mummy Returns (review here)
  • The Starship Troopers Trilogy (review here)
  • Doomsday (review here)
  • The Ruins (review here)
  • Serious Hi-Def Junkies Only

  • Resident Evil: Degeneration (review here)
  • The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (review here)
  • Beetlejuice (review here)
  • Hell Ride (review here)
  • The Amityville Horror (review here)
  • Carrie (review here)
  • The Happening (review here)
  • Faces of Death (review here)
  • Dawn of the Dead 2004 (review here)
  • End of Days (review here)
  • Prom Night 2008 (review here)
  • Lost Boys II: The Tribe (review here)
  • Other Recommendations

  • The Godfather Trilogy (Buy it here): This is one Blu-ray package that you can’t and simply shouldn’t refuse! Simply put, it’s stunning from top to bottom. Fans should be much more than pleased.
  • Wanted (Buy it here): One of the coolest movies of the year is also one of the absolute best Blu-rays you’ll be getting your hands on this holiday season. If you haven’t seen Wanted yet, trust me, it’s worth a blind buy!
  • Iron Man (Buy it here): Do you really need any coaxing? I didn’t think so.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy (Buy it here): So what if it’s Disney? There are more zombies, monsters, and ghosts littering these tales than most horror fare out right now, and in Blu-ray? You’ll love every tentacle twitching moment!
  • The Sixth Sense (Buy it here): The movie that made Shyamalan a household name (even though most folks still can’t spell or pronounce it) has made its way to hi-def land, and though there aren’t any Blu-ray exclusive features, the sound mix and the transfer alone warrant a purchase.
  • Kill Bill, Volumes 1 and 2 (Buy it here): Ah yes! Samurais, guns, and badasses! Both of Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse-style, chop-sockey, stylish slices of mayhem are now here; and every drop of blood looks exquisite! As with The Sixth Sense there’s nothing new to be found in this set, but the Five Finger Death Punch alone make it worth the cash!
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (Buy it here): What’s this? WHAT’S THIS? One of the best damned Blu-rays of the year, that’s what! Tim Burton’s animated epic has to be seen to be believed in all its hi-def glory. Don’t wait another second! Order this one ASAP!
  • Tropic Thunder (Buy it here): Long as we live, it’s me and this Blu-ray, ain’t nothing wrong with that.
  • The Signal (Buy it here): Do you have the crazy? No? Well, it makes the perfect holiday gift for any horror fan on your list so get to ordering!
  • The Dark Knight (Buy it here): Now here’s a movie we came close to reviewing, if only for the wonderfully sadistic performance given by Ledger as The Joker. This Blu-ray? It’s as good as you think it is. Order away!
  • There you have it, kids! Everything you need for the good little boy or girl on your list! Check back weekly for any new additions from now until New Year’s Day! Happy shopping!

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    Steve Barton

    You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

    • MagusMaleficus

      I was with you on most of the recommendations until I saw Wanted near the bottom. Goddamn, how I hated that movie. Read the graphic novel, and you’ll never look at the movie the same way again.

      • Uncle Creepy

        Now I have never read the graphic novel so I can’t judge it against that. I will say though that the movie completely kicked my ass!