Exclusive Dying Breed Pics!

It wasn’t long ago that After Dark Films confirmed “>Dying Breed as one of Horrorfest III’s 8 Films to Die For; and today they gave us not one, but three, exclusive pics from the film to share with our readers.

As a refresher, Dying Breed follows two couples who penetrate the Tasmanian wilderness in order to prove that an ancient species known as the Tasmanian Tiger still exists. What they find is a species much more horrifying than they ever imagined. Jody Dwyer directed the film, which he co-wrote with Michael Boughen and Rod Morris, and Nathan Phillips (Snakes on a Plane, Wolf Creek) and Leigh Whannell (Saw) star.

Check out the full images by clicking each thumbnail below, and for more on Horrorfest III, visit the official site.

Dying Breed (click to see it bigger!) Dying Breed (click to see it bigger!) Dying Breed (click to see it bigger!)

Debi Moore

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