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Earth Defence Force coming to U.S.! (click to see it bigger)You’ve all heard of the Chikyuu Bouiegun video game series, right? No? Well there’s a good reason for that; they never came out in America.

The series puts you in the shoes of one of the Earth Defense Force (yes, the same group you’re always hearing of in Godzilla movies as well as the English name of the series) in a big city. That scenario would be rather boring if you just walked about saying hi to the passers-by and window shopping, but you’re in the EDF, which of course means only one thing: Giant monsters are out to destroy!

The series has gained a bit of a cult following in Japan and amongst import gamers. Its no-nonsense action gameplay and city-destroying giant monsters have proved a winning combination, so I’m happy to pass on the news (thanks to Gamespot) that the newest game in the series, Earth Defense Force X, is coming to Americaland.

D3 Publisher has obviously been reading some of the same sites I read and picked up on the Western interest in the game. EDFX is an Xbox 360 title featuring the same “giant monsters on a rampage and only you with your ridiculously powerful guns can stop them” gameplay. The cities are destructible and rather large. It should be noted that the game comes from a very small studio and that its graphics are technically not that good, but the sense of scale and destruction should more than make up for it.

Gamestop doesn’t have many screenshots of the title, but Xboxyde recently posted a couple of trailers for it that will give you a good idea of what the series is all about … so if you’re at all into Kaiju or just like the sound of an arcade shoot ’em up that features massive monsters, robots, and aliens rampaging through cities, you would do well to check them out!

The game is currently slated for a spring release. Personally, I can’t wait!


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