New MoH Clip: “Screwfly Solution”

The Screwfly SolutionThis Friday is the last episode of Masters of Horror until after Christmas, so I really hope it’s a good one … It’s going to be hard to top “Pelts” for me, but we can hope.

The second entry from Joe Dante, “The Screwfly Solution,” tells of a future world in which a virus has taken over the planet, turning men into blood-crazed fiends who attack any woman they come in contact with. The story follows a woman and her daughter as they make a treacherous trek across a landscape littered with madness. Sounds like a good date movie!

Check out a clip from the show below and one more over at Showtime’s page for the episode. More pics for this and future episodes of Masters Season 2 are available at the show’s official site as well!

Johnny Butane

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Jon Condit