Two Twilight Reviews Help the Hysteria

Twilight reviewed!Screaming chicks! Long lines! A very wisely placed sale on Kleenex tissues! Millions of tormented men, paying their penance for digging on last week’s new Bond movie! What could this all mean? Why the premiere of Catherine Hardwicke’s big screen adaptation of the “young adult” phenomenon Twilight of course.

In celebration of this film’s most auspicious opening we bring to you two different reviews for the film, one from Morgan, who liked the book, and one from Nomad, who is still traumatized. One reviewer with a vagina and one with a penis — HEAD-TO-HEAD! Did they agree? Did they differ? Click the links below to find out!

Check out Nomad’s Twilight review here

Check out Morgan’s Twilight review here

One thing’s for certain: No matter what anyone’s opinion is, this series will continue to be a media juggernaut. Lord only knows why.

Uncle Creepy

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