Final Horrorfest Title Announced!

Voices the final Film to Die ForI don’t know why it seems like it always takes so long for After Dark to release the final film in their “>Horrorfest lineup, but this year has been no exception. For a while it was all quiet, but finally we know the title of the 8th film!

According to STYD, it will be the Korean shocker Voices, which was released in its native country last year as Someone Behind You (a much better title, IMO). The story follows a woman who believes she is cursed as those close to her start dying in increasingly horrible ways. She sets out to find the source of the curse before she is the next victim.

From what I could find about it this doesn’t sound like your typical Asian ghost story; indeed the images I found indicate this just might be a blood bath. If you’re up on your Korean you can check out the film’s official site, or at the very least see more images from it, and keep it here for further details now that the lineup is complete!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Mephistopheles

    Looks interesting. I love Korean films.