Kaw Online!

Kaw site online!Are you ready for this, folks? I really don’t think you are, but I’m going to give it to you anyway. Why? Cause it’s Kawsome!

Sorry, that was bad. And not my joke either so don’t go thinking I’m a genius or nothing. We just received word that the official site for Kaw, the killer raven movie from Shallow Ground director Sheldon Wilson, is now online and ready to torment you with its incessant kawing!

Sean Patrick Flannery (Powder, “The Damned Thing”) stars as a small-town sheriff who just wants one last, quiet day on the force before he moves away with his wife for a fresh start. What starts as a normal day soon turns to horror when a huge flock of genetically altered ravens with a taste for human blood lay siege on the once quiet town. Will they be able to stop the terror before it’s too late? I sure hope not!

And if you’re just saying to yourself “Damn, that sounds like a rip off of The Birds!” … well, I don’t blame you. Hell, it’s even got Birds star Rod Taylor in it! But it looks like a helluva lot of fun if nothing else.

Click here to check out the site, and be sure you watch the trailer while you’re there. If you’re hesitant about giving it your time, let me just say three words to you; birds carrying rocks. What more do you need!?!

Johnny Butane

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