Lefevre, Rachelle & Pattinson, Robert (Twilight)

Rachelle Lefebre of TwilightIn keeping with the tradition of saving the best for last, Andrew has provided us with a transcript of his roundtable chat during last summer’s Comic Con with “>Twilight stars Robert Pattinson, who plays dreamy Edward Cullen, and Rachelle Lefevre, who portrays volatile vamp Victoria.

Q: Are you excited or nervous about this whole thing?

Robert Pattinson: I don’t know. I can’t answer the most basic, fundamental questions. [laughs]

Q: How do you get your hair like that?

RP: I just don’t wash it…ever. [laughs] It’s easy!

Q: The most obvious question: Did you two feel chemistry? It’s obvious that you do right now…

Rachelle Lefevre: No! No, we hate each other…

RP: [laughs] Yeah…

RL: No, we all had a really good time. The cast is all really close in age. So we all showed up and we were like “Yeah, Twilight! What’s up? Let’s go for dinner!” or “Let’s hang!” It was kind of this amazing experience like that … yeah, we got lucky.

RP: There was only one scene where we actually had to confront each other. Most of the vampires just walk around being nomadic…

RL: And we’re always a few steps behind…

Q: What was your favorite special effect?

Robert Pattinson of TwilightRP: There was a part during a big fight where I get my head hit into a wall like it’s supposed to be super-hard. It’s quite cool when someone can hit you as hard as they can into a wall and the whole thing falls down and it just doesn’t hurt. That was quite fun

RL: Cam [Gigandet] and Edi [Gathegi] and I got to do this thing called “Magic Carpet” – if you can imagine this enormous piece, a thirty-foot piece of Plexiglas on the ground and you walk on it while it’s being pulled at fifteen, twenty miles an hour by a winch. And so the ground underneath you is literally moving at top speed, even if you’re walking in slow motion. They didn’t want to do CGI on us, looking like we moved inhumanly, so we had a full day of learning how to walk. First you start on your knees, and then you stand a little more with the rope, then you let go, then you have to walk all over again on this thing, and it makes you look like you’re walking at thirty miles an hour when all you’re doing is taking steps. That was a pretty cool thing to get to learn how to do.

Q: Speaking of FX, have you seen any of the sparkle, dazzle look yet?

RP: No, I’m really worried about that. Well, not worried, I’m not worried, but that’s kind of the big part, the big reveal and I have no idea. It’s almost impossible to do it well without making it look kind of cheesy. There’s a company who’s been working on it, I don’t what the company’s called, but they’ve been working on it for like months and it’s just one scene where it comes out. I know I think it’s very difficult. I think we did about forty makeup tests, everything was so hard.

We’ll finally get to see what all the fuss is about this weekend; be sure you get your Twilight tickets now! Which means we’ll be wrapping up our Twilight coverage shortly with a couple of reviews, but in the meantime make sure you’re primed and ready for the November 21st premiere by reading our collection of exclusive Twilight interviews with several cast members, director Catherine Hardwicke, and the book’s author Stephenie Meyer. Big thanks to Warner Bros. for coordinating all the interviews!

Group Shot from Twilight

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