Kentis Gets a Bigger Boat

director Chris Kentis and producer Laura LauWhen Open Water first came out, it seemed like director Chris Kentis was going to be getting non-stop work from then on out. But things have been quiet for the director, and I’m sure he’s thrilled to know that Lionsgate is using an unrelated film as a “sequel” to his truly frightening original.

No matter now, as Variety is reporting that Kentis and producing partner Laura Lau are getting ready to tackle a much bigger budgeted shark movie for Warner Bros., Indianapolis. Yeah, not really a title that inspires fear, but there’s good reason for it.

The film will be about the crew of the USS Indianapolis, who were sunk by a Japanese sub during WWII and left to float in the seas of the Philippines for five days. Of the 900 that were estimated to be on the ship, only 317 were rescued from the shark-infested waters. Now that’s the kind of wholesale shark slaughter the world needs more of!

If the tale sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the same one told by Robert Shaw to the crew of his boat while out hunting for a giant shark in Jaws. Kentis has been obsessed with the story for years, hence Open Water, and aims to make it as true to the original story as he possibly can. And you knowthere’s going to be a lot of shark carnage amid the selfless acts of bravery!

Johnny Butane

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