Universal to Unearth Tremors?

Tremors to be unearthed?Man, Universal just doesn’t know when to let a monster die. They milked the Tremors franchise for four movies and a TV show, and now there’s talk that they’re planning yet another film.

According to Cinema Blend, Uni is toying with the idea of Tremors: Thunder From Down Under, a fifth movie with a new locale: Australia. Though I like the idea that graboids aren’t just relegated to the American Southwest, they better not bring their flatulent-filled offspring with them. Those things were just ridiculous.

Chances are if it does happen, it will be direct-to-DVD just like the last three sequels were (before such things were fashionable), but hopefully they’ll bring in some talent to breathe new life into the franchise. Or maybe, just maybe, they could (*gasp!*) just let it die…

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane