Release Finally Set for Amusement

Amuesment on DVD January 20th!If you were diligent like me and went to see all 8 Films to Die For last year, chances are you were annoyed all to hell by the trailer for Amusement that played before every showing. So what the hell happened to it, anyway, if it was so close to release last October?

It’s been battered around like a dead mouse by the cunning feline known as Warner Bros., becoming homeless when Picturehouse was dissolved and then tossed back and forth between a theatrical and direct-to-DVD release. Guess which one won?

According to DVD Active, Warner Bros. will release Amusement on DVD and Blu-ray come January 20th without a shred of extras to be found on either format. Seriously, what’s the point of using a whole Blu-ray disc if you’re not including any extras?

The story follows three friends whose past comes back to haunt them when a crazy man traps them in cement cells and forces them to fight for their lives. Sounds like more torture porn fun for the whole family! Just in case you didn’t see that trailer over and over and over again … check it out below!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Johnny Butane

    Hopefully Trick ‘r Treat will NOT see a straight to DVD release, actually. That would be a crime considering the reactions it’s been getting at festivals….

    • Rob

      At this point I don’t care how Trick ‘R Treat comes out, just that it does. It could come out two days before Christmas and I wouldn’t care, I’d still rush out and get it.

      Of course that’s if it ever gets released period. Then again, Amusement has, and All The Boys Love Mandy Lane.

      • Johnny Butane

        Believe me, All the Boys… is not worth the hype…

        • Rob

          I know, I remember when you, Foy, and Creepy all ganged up on Andrew about it on that one DFF. It was never a movie I was interested in, I’m just bringing it up in the category of movies that were floating around in the void for years before finally coming out.

        • G.D.

          The problem with ‘All the Boys’ is not the movie, but the hype itself. It’s a fucking good movie, but if you go in having watched the trailers and listened to the hype, you’re going to expect a MUCH different movie than what it is. Not the movie’s fault, because it’s really good. It’s just not the generic-but-well-done slasher that it was hyped to be.

  • fceurich39

    finally warner bros is finally releasing this now if only trick r treat will be released on dvd but of course it will most likely be bare bones just like amusement

  • The Woman In Black

    Oh man, I totally forgot about this flick … even after seeing that trailer over and over again! I can hardly wait — NOT!