Adam Green Talks Frozen & More!

Adam Green talks Frozen!One of our genre’s rising stars also happens to be one of the busiest guys in the biz. Adam Green has several projects in the fire and sat down with us today to give the lowdown on two of them: the feature film Frozen and his short “Fairy Tale Police” for Xbox Live.

Before we get to Frozen, I know what you’re asking … What the hell is “Fairy Tale Police”?

I was driving to a Love/Hate concert and on my way there, there was this bumper sticker that said ‘Humpty Dumpty was pushed’,” says Green. “First I was like, ‘What asshole would put that on their car? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.’ But then the asshole in me said, ‘Plus, how could you even prove he was pushed because there were no witnesses?!?’ Then I started thinking what if there are people who investigated that stuff? What if there were two regular cops and they had to bust fairy tale creatures?”

“Fairy Tale Police” begins filming today and stars Rachael Leigh Cook, Parry Shen, and Joel David Moore as The Big Bad Wolf. More on that as it comes later. Onward to Frozen!

“Where I grew up in Massachusetts there are these really shitty ski mountains and they’re only open Friday through Sunday,” Adam continues. “I was thinking back to skiing on those and how scared I would get on the chair lift because it would just randomly stop for no reason. Usually it would just mean that somebody fell while getting on the lift, or fell getting off, but you don’t know. You’re just stopped and hanging there. Instantly this fear goes through the whole list of what if this fucking thing doesn’t start again?

That’s where the idea for Frozen came from. The ski mountain is only open Friday through Sunday, and you have a group of people who were last on the lift Sunday night and they’re trapped there for five days through a winter storm. Awful, awful things happen to them.”

When asked about being the first project chosen for Peter Block’s new venture, A Bigger Boat, Green had this to say …

“Peter Block is brilliant at what he does. He knows how to make and market horror movies. He knows how to produce it and he gets it and he loves it. When you go to a horror event here [in LA] and everyone is sitting around watching horror movies, he’s sitting there too with us. He’s one of us. He wanted to make the same movie that we wanted to make. He was already on the same page.”

Casting for Frozen will begin over the next couple of weeks with production to start shortly after that. Look for this entire interview soon, and keep it right here for more as we get it.

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  • Gus Bjork

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets freaked out on those damn ski lift chairs. When I was a kid my dad got knocked out of one leaving me alone to go up the hill, wondering if he was alive or dead all the way up.

    PS. Fairy Tale police stole my puppet play! Second fucking time it’s happened too.