Death Race, The Perfect Christmas Gift?

Oh “>Death Race (review) … what could have been a smart remake with just enough high octane carnage to balance it all out got the Paul W.S. Anderson treatment. We all know how those things turn out.

DVD Active picked up the artwork and specs for the 2008 version of the classic over-the-top take on America’s future. Standard DVD and Blu-ray releases are set for December 23rd, and both will come with unrated and theatrical cuts of the remake. No need for Santa to give you coal this year, Death Race will do nicely…

  • Audio commentary with director Paul W.S. Anderson and producer Jeremy Bolt
  • Start Your Engines: Making a Death Race featurette
  • Behind the Wheel: Dissecting the Stunts featurette
  • Blu-ray exclusive features: PiP, Tech Specs, My Movie Commentary, my Chat, My Scenes Sharing and more.

    Expresses the quality of the movie perfectly!


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  • Kryten Syxx


    1. Remember the Pink Panther remake? I always said it was weird cause The original Pink Panther equals HILARIOUS! And Steve Martin equals Hilarious. Together equals AWFUL!!! DeathRace was the same thing and proves remakes are 99% a bad idea. Jason Satham equals Bad Ass and Death Race 2000 equals Bad Ass. Together equals GOD AWFUL!!!!

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